Services We Provide
You have had a hard day at work; long hours,
commutes, frustrating people. You put your keys in the
front door and you hear your beloved pet barking like
crazy. You open the door and "BAM"; you're pounced
on with paws and licks. You look around the room and
see the place is trashed with torn papers; pillows,
laundry, anything and everything your dog could get his
paws on as well as "other presents". Does this sound
Here is the solution.
Daycare for dogs is a needed service for today's busy
families. Gone are the days that our pets are left alone
to fend for themselves whether out loose in the house
or tied up in the back yard. Todays pets are part of a
family and are not left behind. Daycare provides a
safe fun environment for your pet to release pent up
energy and socialize in a pack with other dogs. Your
pet becomes a happier, healthier home companion that
isn't out of control when you walk in the door at night.
Imagine having a happy tired "fur-kid" at the end of
the day, a companion you can truly enjoy.
We provide boarding in our home as part of our
family. We do not crate a dog unless he/she has
been crate trained and not without the parents
permission. We create new "packs" everyday
and work to socialize each dog. Here, they play
outside as the weather allows with pools in the
summer and snowballs in the winter and playing
inside during inclement weather. Some pets
need a more sedate atmosphere; elderly, special
needs, puppies are brought into the home area
where they can be watched more closely. We
encourage you to bring your own food to keep
the pet's tummy from being upset. We require
1-2 daycare visits prior to boarding to ensure
your pet learns that they are in a safe fun place.
Pet sitting
Pawsitively Pets provides grooming services for all breeds of Cats and
Dogs as well as for any animal that may be in need. Grooming services
include but not limited too, cleaning ears, clipping/grinding nails, bath,
non-toxic and biodegradable. This type of shampoo does not strip the coat
of oils that your pet needs for protection. We also provide flea/tick baths,
de-shedding service, brushing teeth, deodorizing baths and Soft Paws nail
caps for cats and dogs.

Our Goal is to provide a spa-like environment for your pet, to sooth and
relax and have fun while socializing with other dogs at Pawsitively Pets
Full Service Grooming
George Before
George after
I  DON'T  WANT A BATH!!!!  so
says Hank!!!
Hank on a better day!!