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Welcome to Pawsitively Pets!

We've been in Bolton since 2004, and comes with over 40 years experience with dogs and cats. Having a college degree in Canine Science and Kennel Business Management and a lifetime of experience, I'm blessed with the opportunity to provide a home environment for your furry family.

Our Goal is to provide a fun, stress-free stay in our home as part of the family. Crates are available for those that need them. Whether on the couch, chair or a bed on the floor, there is a comfortable place for the fur-kids.

We are a fully licensed and insured facility in a

caring environment.

Thank you for considering Pawsitively Pets for all of your pet grooming needs. We look forward to meeting you and your furry friend soon!

Contact us to schedule your appointment today or if you just want to send us an email to learn more you can do that too.

Our Services

Full Service Grooming

Pawsitively Pets provides grooming services for all breeds of Cats and Dogs as well as for any animal that may be in need. Grooming services include but not limited too, cleaning ears, clipping/grinding nails, bath, non-toxic and biodegradable. This type of shampoo does not strip the coat of oils that your pet needs for protection. We also provide flea/tick baths, de-shedding service, brushing teeth, deodorizing baths and Soft Paws nail caps for cats and dogs.

Our Goal is to provide a spa-like environment for your pet, to sooth and relax and have fun while socializing with other dogs at Pawsitively Pets


You have had a hard day at work; long hours, commutes, frustrating people. You put your keys in the front door and you hear your beloved pet barking like crazy. You open the door and "BAM"; you're pounced on with paws and licks. You look around the room and see the place is trashed with torn papers; pillows, laundry, anything and everything your dog could get his paws on as well as "other presents". Does this sound familiar???

Here is the solution.

Daycare for dogs is a needed service for today's busy families. Gone are the days that our pets are left alone to fend for themselves whether out loose in the house or tied up in the back yard. Todays pets are part of a family and are not left behind. Daycare provides a safe fun environment for your pet to release pent up energy and socialize in a pack with other dogs. Your pet becomes a happier, healthier home companion that isn't out of control when you walk in the door at night. Imagine having a happy tired "fur-kid" at the end of the day, a companion you can truly enjoy.


We provide boarding in our home as part of our family. We do not crate a dog unless he/she has been crate trained and not without the parents permission. We create new "packs" everyday and work to socialize each dog. Here, they play outside as the weather allows with pools in the summer and snowballs in the winter and playing inside during inclement weather. Some pets need a more sedate atmosphere; elderly, special needs, puppies are brought into the home area where they can be watched more closely. We encourage you to bring your own food to keep the pet's tummy from being upset. We require 1-2 daycare visits prior to boarding to ensure your pet learns that they are in a safe fun place.

Pawsitively Pets Education Services

Don’t let your furry family members fall victim to accident or illness. Become the ultimate pet parent and sign up for a PetSaver™ class to learn more about Pet CPR, First Aid & Care today!




We do this because we love cats and understand grooming can be stressful, especially with all that barking going on. Creating a dog free environment makes it easier for everyone. Space is limited so please check our availability to schedule time that works for you.

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We use only the highest quality products and equipment to ensure that your pet has the best grooming experience possible. Our team is trained in pet first aid and CPR to ensure the safety of your furry friend. Additionally if you're interested in learning more about Pet Insurance and other products be sure to check out our shop page.

Pet Care Specialists

Linda - Owner




What clients say about us

I ended up taking in a kitty who was very shy and skittish. She also hadn’t had her nails clipped in a long time, so I knew she needed them done. I didn’t know any groomers in the area, but as soon as I called Pawsitively Pets I knew I’d be bringing my kitty there from now on. They were ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC and I can’t recommend them enough. Linda was so sweet every time I talked to her and they helped me get my poor kitty’s claws clipped and into her carrier to come home safely. And they did her nails in like two minutes! It was amazing. Seriously, they are awesome. :)

(For reference, it took almost a week to get kitty to go anywhere. They were very kind and we are all very happy!)

I have never boarded my dog anywhere before overnight so I was very hesitant to leave him anywhere . I’m so thankful I found Linda and her husband . Wonderful people that you can tell they are passionate about animals . Linda took all my worries away and was so responsive while I was gone and also sent me pictures and updates of my little guy! I got back at 10 pm from my trip and they had no problem letting me pick him up so late . I can’t say enough good things and I will definitely be bringing my dog back for daycare and boarding !

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Doing Good

Frequently Asked Questions

May I see your facility?

Yes. I do ask to do this by appointment to ensure the dogs that are here are not disturbed too much.

May I stay and watch while you groom my dog?

Unfortunately we do NOT allow this due to insurance restrictions.

Do you have experience with my dog's breed?

I have worked with many breeds and breed mixes and am always willing to meet new ones.

What kind of training do you have?

I graduated from Newbury College with a degree in Canine Science and Kennel Business Management  as well as having 40+ yrs experience with dogs, cats, and a snake or two. All staff are Pet First Aid & Pet CPR trained.

Are you or is your business an AKC S.A.F.E. Groomer/Salon?

I am a fully licensed and insured facility. I work hard to meet all regulations presented to me.

How will my dog be housed?

Each dog is different. Since we are an in-home facility, I strive to give each dog the "feel" of being home. I do not crate dogs unless there is a specific reason such as a puppy during meals, a dog that needs some down time, an adult dog that may be food aggressive or have food allergies. This is discussed with pet parents during meet and greet times. Also, the dogs are outside as often as the weather allows. The play area is 20'40' with a 6' chain link fence.

418 Wattaquadock Hill Rd, Bolton, MA 01740, USA

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